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Faith / Mental Health

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How the Church Handles Trauma

...We have three phases of life that we must keep in good health. We must also recognize that the health of one of these areas could very much affect the health of another area.

Does GOD forgive

Intrusive Thoughts?

Typically, intrusive thoughts surround violence, religion, or inappropriate sexual content. For example, if you fear that you will harm your dog that you love, it is an intrusive, unwelcome thought, as you do not desire any harm.

Helping Children Cope With Hard Times

How do you know when your child might need professional therapeutic help? Here are some signs that you need to call your pediatrician or a Child and Family Therapist

Christians & Suicide

Your first thought might be to doubt the authenticity of His faith. God is clear that we do not know, nor is it our place to judge the hearts of other people. If that is off-limits, then how are we to understand what happened?


Whether the feeling is true or false, our body has a way of alerting us of danger. Fear can kick in even though you ask your mind to be still. That’s how anxiety feels.



If we’re honest with ourselves, we’re all at risk even when we think we’re not. It’s scary to think about, but it’s very true.

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Loving your Gay Child

When your child comes to you, they are coming having already dealt with most questions personally, and they are expecting you to be at the same place they are.  This is an unrealistic expectation on their part, as no parent is fully prepared to hear their son or daughter tell them they are gay.

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Hope for the Abuser

   There is wisdom in getting help, and it is a sign of strength, not weakness. In Counseling, you find tools to help you deal with the root issues. The Bible states that we will all give an account for every word, thought, and deed.

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Processing Grief

Grief may take many forms. It doesn't always involve the loss of a loved one. It can occur with divorce, loss of job/career or ministry, or the loss of anything that holds deep meaning for a person. Grief may also be what we call "complicated" or "complex" grief. 

Pills on Spoons

Medication Managment

You may also feel, at some point, that I am trying to discourage some from taking mental health medications... I am. But only those who clearly do not need them.

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Combating the underage drinking epidemic begins with education, and parents are the first line of defense when it comes to helping teens make smart choices.

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Rutherford Counselors

Deanna Fullerton, M.A. ( Eagles Rest Counseling )

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Murfreesboro, TN. 37130



Kim Turner, M.A. ( Birds on a Wire Counseling )

Murfreesboro, TN. 37130



Branches Counseling

Murfreesboro, TN 37130



Lisa Bowker, B.A. ( Sowing Hope Christian Counseling )



Counselors Outside Rutherford

Agape Counseling

8 Locations across Middle Tennessee


Rockhouse Center

Brentwood, TN


Helpfull Links

Prevention Coalition for Success


Green House Ministries

Murfreesboro, TN. 37130


NAMI ( caregivers of children with mental health conditions)


Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault                         

615-896-2012 ( Domestic Violence )

615-494-9262 ( Sexual Assault )

TN Human Trafficking Hotline


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